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What's The Best Blackout Fabric?
Oct 30, 2017

The choice of shade cloth is relative, but also according to its practical use to choose shade cloth, because when considering what shade curtains good, but also with home decoration. For some classical decoration style, this kind of room decoration is mostly solid wood, then like jacquard and colored woven fabric shade curtains are more suitable. Plate type furniture decoration in the collocation can choose printing shade curtain cloth. And modern style decoration can choose silk and some metal luster fabric shade curtain cloth.

In choosing shade curtains, first of all, consider the use of shade cloth, in the bathroom and kitchen, or in the living room and dining room. The shade cloth bathroom and kitchen, we should choose shading cloth more dirt and easy cleaning; shading cloth in the living room and dining room, you can choose the decorative shade cloth cloth more prominent. So, for the bedroom, shading cloth should choose some thick, so that privacy can be protected.  Like the light cloth used in the study, you should choose some light shade with a little better light transmittance.

First, printing curtains: Textile shading cloth is to put some with color patterns and designs printed on plain cloth, which is characterized by more rich and colorful;

Second: single color shading cloth dyeing, it is all in the cloth stained with, this kind of shading cloth look quite some plain;

Third, yarn dyed fabric: first dyed dyed, and then interwoven dyeing, characterized by a very three-dimensional look;

Fourth, jacquard shade cloth: it is a combination of jacquard and printing two different processes.