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Standard Test Methods For Flame Retardant Fabrics
Oct 30, 2017

(1) oxygen limited index (LOI) method

Limiting oxygen index refers to the fabric burning occurred in the mixed gas of oxygen and nitrogen in the fabric, maintain the minimum oxygen concentration needed to burn the candle, limiting oxygen index is larger, the better flame retardant effect, whereas the worse or not flame retardant flame retardant effect. Limit oxygen index method has the advantages of high sensitivity, but higher requirements on test conditions and operating personnel, and the oxygen concentration in the test and the actual conditions of use of fabric is large, so the limited oxygen index method is very suitable to be used as test methods in scientific research, and is often used in the production process.

(2) vertical combustion method

The vertical burning method refers to the use of specific sources of ignition (flame height 40mm + 2mm), from the fabric edge 20mm at the center of the vertical fabric is fixed on the clamp in U type of combustion in the combustion time, combustion state, continued burning through the assessment method of time time, smoldering damage length index to test the fabric flame retardant fabric. The test of our country and most countries of textile flame retardant effect by vertical burning method are used to test the flame retardancy, Japanese clothing textiles, the United States, Britain and Germany for flame retardant test children underwear, protective clothing, decorative cloth. Vertical combustion method is one of the most perfect flame retardant testing methods at home and abroad,

(3) 45 degree inclined plane combustion method

Under specified conditions, the sample was inclined 45 degrees, the sample ignition time is 1s, the sample with flame burning up from the time required as the evaluation method of fabric combustion intensity, measured by the continued burning and smoldering time, destroy area and length to measure the fabric flame retardant effect.

(4) plane combustion method

Under specified conditions, fabric samples in the horizontal direction of the ignition time, 15s, determination of flame on the specimen spread distance and spread the distance with time obtained through the measurement of flame spread time and flame spread rate to measure the effect of flame retardant fabric.

The test of flame retardant property is very important in the research of flame retardant finishing. There are two commonly used flame retardant testing methods: vertical combustion method and oxygen index method. In the national standard GB5455-85, there is a detailed definition and specification of vertical combustion method. Generally speaking, the oxygen index method is more suitable for the transverse contrast of the flame retardancy of the same material and the same fabric structure. The flame retardancy of the sample can not be explained by the oxygen limited index value (LOI) alone, while the length of the damaged carbon measured by the vertical combustion method can objectively describe the flame retardancy of the fabric. Compared with the vertical combustion method, the oxygen index method is accurate and reproducible. Therefore, the oxygen index method is more suitable for the experimental process; vertical combustion law can evaluate the final flame retardant properties of fabrics.