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Optional Anti-UV Curtains
Oct 30, 2017

In the past, many consumers will buy sun shade for home curtains added layer, but with the anti ultraviolet curtains listed, many consumers are more interested in the purchase of sun curtains and curtains cloth two in one of the anti ultraviolet curtains. Anti ultraviolet curtains, thick texture, set sun shading, sound insulation, UV protection and other effects in one, very suitable for the strong sunshine in spring and summer two seasons.

But can UV shielding really block ultraviolet rays? Engaged in a long-term Jiezhuang industry insiders pointed out that the quality of the UV curtain can indeed partially blocked by ultraviolet radiation, but also have some common curtain UV blocking function, thick, deep color of the common curtain can shield part such as ultraviolet. In addition, a small number of merchants will use low price, similar to rainproof silk shading material in the interlayer of anti ultraviolet curtains, which is pungent, airtight, harmful to the environment and human body. When choosing curtains, consumers should smell the smell.