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How Long The Curtains Are Washed
Oct 30, 2017

Curtains as an important member of home decoration, curtains in addition to the role of privacy protection, adjust the light, but also to make home become warm, fashionable. But many people neglect cleaning, one year is hanging, and some families don't even wash it once in two or three years. Recently, "life times" and "12580 live broadcast" launched a "clean curtain" of the survey, a total of 15 thousand and 500 people attended, although nearly seven of adults said they would clean the window, but nearly 60% people a year or more before the cleaning time, usually do not cleaned regularly.

The curtain is closest to the window, and the outside dust first arrives at the curtain. If the suspension is not Months and years pass by. with above cleaning, a lot of dust and dust mites, especially the deep color of the curtains, if poor indoor ventilation, or damp walls, but also easy to breed mold or other bacteria, which is an important cause of poor indoor air quality.

Therefore, it is recommended to clean the dust on the curtain every one or two weeks with a clean wet cloth, especially for families with children or pets, and should be thoroughly cleaned for half a year. Curtains can be placed directly in the washing machine washing, can also be dry cleaned, washed and placed in sunny places after drying, or directly hung, not only easy to dry, or free air humidifier". Remember not to put the curtain in the washing machine dehydration or drying, easy to cause the curtain deformation. If there are people with respiratory diseases or other infectious diseases in the home, when cleaning the curtains, it is best to disinfect first.

In the choice of curtain material, it is best not to choose cotton curtain, because cotton is soft, more easy to absorb dirt, it is recommended to choose chemical fiber material, breathable curtains better. Secondly, the curtain style not too complicated, as simple as possible, not only cumbersome curtains have screens and curtains, and window curtains and some decorations are easy to gather dust particles and bacteria, which is arch-criminal caused by asthma, cough and other diseases.

Finally remind you, buy new curtains do not immediately hang up, it is best washed once again. Because the new curtains contain iron agent and flame retardant, will release formaldehyde, harmful to human health.