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Different Curtain Fabric Cleaning Need To Pay Attention To The Problem
Oct 30, 2017

Curtain cloth with a large amount of cloth, it is impossible to prepare a lot of sets, therefore, in use and cleaning should be more careful, so as not to damage the cloth.

The hanging curtains are contaminated by dust and need cleaning. The following cleaning methods will help you a little. Curtain cloth made of ordinary cloth can be cleaned with wet cloth, or washed in clean water or washing machine according to conventional method, and neutral detergent is used. Easy to shrink price fabric should try to dry cleaning, it is inconvenient, should contact with vendors, so as to enlarge size and large ironing.

Canvas or linen curtain is difficult to dry after cleaning, so it should not be washed directly in water, it should be sponge dipped in some warm water or soap solution to wipe back and forth, and then dried to roll up.

The velvet curtain is dirty, first curtains soak in the neutral cleaning liquid, pressure, wash hands after put on inclined shelf to automatic water drain.

Electrostatic flocking curtain (shading fabric) is not easy to dirty, no need to wash regularly. But if you don't soak it in water, wash it or scrub it, just dip it on the cotton cloth and rub it lightly with alcohol or gasoline. If the flannelette is too wet, do not twist it, so as not to take off the fluff and affect the curtain beauty. The proper method of cleaning should be to press the water with both hands or let it dry naturally, so that the appearance of flocking fabric can be maintained.

The curtains, drapery soaked with water, then add warm water washing soda, and then use a mild detergent water or soapy water two times. Wash gently, and rinse with water. It should be tidied up and put on a clean table or frame.

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