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Curtains Of The Fabric Which Have
Oct 30, 2017


Curtain fabrics are cloth, bamboo, reed, linen, yarn, plastic and so on.

Two, technical requirements

1, fabric requirements

(1) the fabric meets the national standard and quality index.

(2) sunlight fabric: glass fiber +PVC fabric can be used to block visible light.

(3) shading fabric: coating fabric that can resist light.

(4) the production process: fabric and pipe connections using high frequency welding contact, fabric and bar using high frequency welding contact to ensure the fabric and under the rod as a whole structure, make the product running. On both sides of the ultrasonic processing wool fabric surface.

2, fabric performance requirements

(1) fire prevention standard: GB/T5455-1997

(2) fire rating: M1, B1 class in the GB/T5455-1977 standard.

(3) the fabric content of harmful substances to match the basic safety specifications he GB1840-2003 national textile products.

(4) environmental protection standard: GB50325-2001. The content of chemical composition in the fabric shall not exceed the latest relevant standards and Specifications issued by the state.

(5) effect and performance: no wrinkle, no fading, sun color fastness 5-6 grade, good sense of sag, no odor.

(6) process: antifouling, mildew proof, anti grease, dirt resistant, easy to clean, not easy to hide dirt, soft color, anti deformation treatment, antistatic finishing.

(7) formaldehyde content: the implementation of the national standard E1 emission standard, PVC coated polyester fiber as the raw material woven products, never contain glass fiber ingredients.