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Curtain Fabric Which Is Good
Oct 30, 2017

1, cotton fabric soft texture, feel good; hemp fabric sag sense, texture strong; silk fabric noble and gorgeous, it is 100% natural silk composition. Its natural, rough, elegant, and strong sense of the characteristics of the 2003 fashion products; polyester fabric scraping, bright color, non fading, not shrink.

2, cloth curtain price is affected by fabric texture, cotton, linen, silk, wool texture price is higher, but also very popular with consumers. Price is not the main factor of consumption. On the contrary, the novelty of flower color design becomes the primary factor to attract consumers. Some new flowers, with a floral pattern design is more popular.

3, synthetic fiber, synthetic fiber texture of the curtain, due to the resistance of shrink and fade resistant, anti wrinkle is superior to cotton fabric, suitable for the strong sunshine sunshine room. Many modern fabrics, however, blend natural fibers with synthetic or synthetic fibers, so they are both long.

We believe that after the curtain fabric and curtain fabric knowledge Daquan which is good after the introduction, we should know how to choose curtains of fabric, hoping to buy curtains we can choose to suit their own Home Furnishing decoration curtain fabric.