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Curtain Fabric Identification Method
Oct 30, 2017

(1), such as identification of the fabric is a selvage, and parallel to the direction of the selvage is warp yarn, the other party to Shiwei.

(2) sizing is the direction of the warp, and the direction of the weft is not the sizing.

(3), a general fabric density is the main direction, density of small party to Shiwei.

(4) the warp direction of warp is warp direction.

(5) the fabric of the semi twisted fabric usually has the direction of warp direction and the direction of single yarn is weft direction.

(6) if the twist of single yarn is different, the twist direction of Z is warp, and the direction of S twist is weft.

(7) if there is little difference between the warp and weft count, twist and twist of the fabric, the yarn evenness and luster are better than the warp direction.

(8) if the yarn twist of the fabric is not the same, the majority of the twist is warp and the twist is small.

(9) towel fabric, the yarn direction of its Terry is warp, but not the weft direction of the terry.

(10) the direction of the sliver direction is usually in the direction of the warp.

(11) if the fabric has a system of yarns having a variety of different characteristics, this direction is warp.

(12), a twisted yarn leno fabric, warp direction, no twist yarn weft direction.

(13), fabric in different materials, usually cotton or cotton and flax weaving fabrics, cotton warp; filament interwoven fabric, silk as warp yarn; cotton interwoven fabric, wool, silk and cotton warp; natural silk and silk fabric, warp line of natural and artificial natural silk weaving; silk, natural silk as warp yarn. Because of the wide use of fabrics and many varieties, the requirements for fabric raw materials and organizational structure are also varied. Therefore, when judging, the fabric must be determined according to the specific conditions of the fabric.

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