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What is the tarpaulin in the end?
Oct 30, 2017

Tarpaulin refers to a cloth and cloth oil together, usually obtained by fabric of immersion. It has a wide range of applications in the production of life.

Linoleum is widely used in the production of life. We live in the oilcloth mainly refers to the water or moisture, moisture and oil cloth, and the factory mainly refers to the tarpaulin fabric commonly used for leaching linoleum, handling, handling process to prevent injury, or heavy machinery and equipment, such as aircraft landing gear and other mechanical components such as buffer layer lubrication purposes, generally disposable.

But no matter what kind of tarpaulin, are easy to fire, dangerous goods are highly flammable, are the important hidden danger of fire safety. The famous linoleum: New York Queens bridge fire fire, Shanghai Luojing port cargo fire etc..

Da Vinci has designed a parachute used linoleum, can experiment in the rain.

The rest of the rural North heating kang, in wool top often laying a layer of household tarpaulin, usually with delicate patterns.  Features: waterproof, heat resistant, easy to clean, beautiful and generous.

In recent years, in the vast rural areas, the traditional Kang linoleum surface material, because the price is more expensive, gradually by the modern plastic floor leather substitute. But the floor leather has poor heat resistance, easy to crack, and the smell is large, the service life is short. The traditional tarpaulin should pay attention to change the production process, to meet the requirements of the times. I believe the space for development is still huge.

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