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Twill cotton, combed cotton and cotton blends which is best
Oct 30, 2017

Twill cotton is a weaving method of fabric, the surface of the fabric is plump, easy to open and set in the process of printing and dyeing, that is, we often say that will not shrink. Compared with plain weave fabric, twill cotton has larger density, larger yarn consumption and better wear resistance. It is better than plain weave and shrinkage.

Combed cotton: the comber removes the shorter and shorter fibers left in the cotton fiber (less than 1CM in length). Combed cotton yarn quality is better. Combed cotton yarn fabric has high quality in texture, washing and durability. Combed cotton is refers in the spinning process, increase the fine combing process, practice is to comb the short fiber, and remove impurities in cotton, in order to produce a smooth cotton yarn, let more toughness, not easy pilling, cotton quality is more stable.

Cotton blended cloth refers to the use of cotton fiber and other one or more than two kinds of different fibers blended into yarn woven into cloth, mainly cotton, nylon cotton, polyester three. It belongs to fiber fabric, worn on the body has the characteristics of comfortable, breathable cool, but also has good elasticity in addition, the characteristic; the cloth has advantages of color soft, good drapability and small shrinkage etc..

Conventional cotton combed cotton cloth article, contrast: soft, solid. It is suggested that two methods of "seeing" and "touching" can be used to distinguish common cotton and combed cotton. The former approach, is the single cotton in the hand, with a light irradiation perspective, combed cotton due to very tight, can not see the shadow in the light; on the other hand, due to the number of ordinary cotton fabric is not high enough, hand contour is looming. As for the way to touch, it is the actual feeling of cotton fabric is soft and solid.

"Natural cotton" contrast: the most common contrast is compared with pure cotton, many businesses will use combed cotton material as pure cotton publicity. Because, to date, pure cotton is the most compatible fabric in the conventional fabric. The above characteristics have comparative advantages, and disadvantages of the main points, the comparison of pure cotton combed cotton, sweat absorption, compiled into the socks, not very good fabric; when wearing clothing, appearance is good, poor comfort.

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