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The difference between blackout fabric curtain and linen curtain
Oct 30, 2017

First, the shade curtains are divided into physical shading curtains and chemical curtains.

1, 90%-99% shading rate of physical shading curtain. Three layer weaving, heavy encryption black interlayer weaving, light absorption and shading, high-grade, beautiful, shading, environmental protection, soft handle, silk slippery breathable, washable, longer service life.

2, chemical shade curtain 99%-100%, single layer fabric lighter, layer taste harmful to human health. Coating easy to fall off, can not wash, poor texture, sagging feeling, hard and brittle material coating easy to fall off, and make up for ventilation, the most used for about 1-2 years.

Two, Ma is made from a variety of hemp fiber, leaf fiber including annual or perennial herbaceous dicotyledon cortex bast and monocotyledonous plants. Bast fiber crops are mainly ramie, jute, ramie, flax, hemp, Apocynum and Kenaf etc.. The hemp, flax, etc. not lignified cell wall of apocynum fiber, the length of thickness with cotton is similar to that for textile raw materials, woven into linen linen, all kinds of cool, but also with cotton, wool, silk or synthetic blends;

The two want to compare, shade curtains shade and stronger, but hemp as a natural material, no harm to the body.

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