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Several types of curtains are installed
Oct 30, 2017

1, horizontal pull curtain

The horizontal curtain is divided into single, two and multi curtain. This kind of curtain is steady and generous, and it is easy to install and hang. It is easy to achieve ideal window effect.

A, pull the curtain

Pull the curtain flexible and convenient use, shapely feeling smooth, stable and generous, the bright and dark rail can be applied to a larger area of the window.

B, sling curtain

The top of the curtain is fixed with suspenders, and the width of the suspenders is 5cm and 10cm. The sling is evenly distributed and regularly penetrated in the bar. Rail installation only.

C, ring curtain

It's similar to the flat curtain, but it's connected to the curtain with a thimble. Only for rail installation.

D, rod curtain

The top of the curtain is directly made into a folded sleeve top by sewing. The width of the cord fabric is 2-3 times of the net width, and is only limited to the installation of the open rail.

2 、 lifting curtain

The lifting curtain is economical and practical, with less material and relatively simple production. More to bring the suspension cord in reverse with some lead lining, it can protect the main cord, increase the heat insulation and sound insulation and dustproof performance, divided into single-sided and double-sided. Rome curtain: the shape is flat, making is relatively simple. Window decoration suitable for study, kitchen and washing room. It can be divided into ordinary and fan-shaped curtains according to the different shapes. The difference is that the fan curtain is folded and the lower part is semi circle, which is relatively beautiful and generous.

3, finished curtain

A, blinds: divided into beads, springs, electric three, the material can be divided into wood and aluminum plate.

B, vertical curtain: a piece of vertical arrangement, the width of the common specifications for 10cm.

C, put the usual flat: shutter curtain, pull up a cylindrical roll, divided into bead rolling curtain and spring rolling. Commonly used in offices, kitchens, bathrooms, commonly used materials are glass fiber, polyester, PVC, bamboo chips and so on.

D, organ curtain: fold curtain similar to accordion.

E, pleated curtain: luxury, luxury, more in the living room, bedroom.

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