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Multi-functional flame retardant fabric market is broad
Oct 30, 2017

The development of multifunctional flame retardant fabric: fabric flame retardant finishing will lead to a decline in other performances, so in the use of flame retardants also need to add other additives, such as anti gold electrode, bacteriostatic agent, hygroscopic agent and so on, to meet the requirements of the index. Due to the strict flame retardant regulations, domestic and foreign manufacturers are competing to develop a variety of flame retardant fabrics made of products. Take Japan as an example, now in addition to curtain cloth, in the automotive cover materials, carpets, wallpaper and other upholstery textiles, bedding and other materials are also flame retardant finishing. Before the domestic research of flame retardant fabric is in a stage of development, the success of fewer varieties, but with the rapid development of China's economy, consumption, hotel decoration aircraft with flame retardant flame retardant nylon carpet growing demand; fire protection, metallurgy and other special industries of flame retardant protective clothing is also increasing demand. With the establishment, perfection and strict implementation of flame retardant regulations in China, the demand for flame retardant fabrics will certainly increase.

In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of productivity, people's living standards and quality of life have also greatly improved. Pay special attention to environment and self health. There are also many requirements for the safety of their own work. It requires not only the fit, but also the comfort, the care and the variety of functions. This will speed up the development and application of multi-functional fabric.

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