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Knitted fabric type
Oct 30, 2017

Knitted fabric has soft texture, moisture absorption, breathability, excellent elasticity and extensibility and its productivity. Knitted dress is comfortable, close fitting and body, no tight feeling, can fully reflect the human curve.

The modern knitted fabric is more rich and colorful, has entered the stage of development of multifunctional and high-grade, various texture effect, different functions of new knitted fabric is developed, brought hitherto unknown sensory effects and visual effects for knitwear.

1, acetate fiber (Acetel) knitted fabric

Cellulose acetate has the unique properties of silk, fiber luster and color bright, drape and feel good. With the production of knitted fabrics feel smooth and comfortable, moisture permeability, light texture, moisture, pilling, antistatic. Using acetate fiber woven knitted fabrics such as Georgette, popcorn, consumer preference.

2, Modaier (Modal) fiber knitted fabric

Modaier (Modal) fiber is a new environmental protection fiber, it sets the comfort of cotton, viscose, polyester drape strength, silk feel in one, and after repeated washing, still maintain its soft and light color. Knitting technology is still the fiber and knitted itself soft, fluffy, high elasticity and other characteristics of the combination, so that the advantages of the two complement each other. In the circular knitting machine (knitting machine), using Modaier and spandex filament of single and double knitted fabric, soft smooth, elastic, drape, floating bright luster, moisture permeability, and has a silky feel, with the fabric design, fashion, can reflect the body curve of the maximum a female body sculpture, sexy and charm, is a high grade knitted apparel avant-garde fashion in favor of the family.

3 、 strong twist combed yarn knitted fabric

Knitted fabrics made of cool hemp combed yarn twist of the yarn not only has a sense, and cool hygroscopicity good especially silk twisting, is a kind of ideal of high-grade knitted fabrics, besides having the good performance of silk fabric, feel fuller, and hard body bone, good dimensional stability, anti crease well, is the ideal material for high-grade occupation dress, casual wear.

4 、 Coolmax fiber knitted fabric

The Coolmax fiber with four grooves can quickly sweat the sweat produced by human activities to the surface of the garment, keep the skin fresh, and make the activity more comfortable. It has good moisture permeability, and knitted fabric with cotton fiber has a good moisture permeability effect, widely used for sewing T-shirt, sportswear and so on.

5 、 recycled green fiber Lyocel knitted fabric

Regeneration of knitted jersey stitch Lyocell, green fiber and Tencel spandex silk interwoven (Jersey), rib, interlock (cotton) and the changes of the organization fabric, soft texture, smooth surface, good elasticity, product style and elegant, with silk appearance, drape, air permeability and water stability is good, is the ideal the design of high-grade fabrics popular fashion, casual wear, tight sportswear.

6, flashing knitted fabric

With the flash effect, has always been the fashion designer's favorite. In the circular knitting machine (knitting machine), the raw silk and silver and other textile raw materials are intertwined, with a strong reflective color flash effect or plating method on the surface of fabrics, flash effect patterns on knitted fabrics, and the opposite side of the smooth, soft and comfortable fabric, knitting is better fabric. With the knitting fabric design of female fashion and tight dress, through flashy fabrics dazzling, romantic style, showing the knitted fabric brilliant, beautiful and bright charm, showing a full range of knitted dress style, provides a wide prospect for product development.

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