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Development Trend of Future Flame Retardant
Oct 30, 2017

With the rapid development of flame retardant fabric and its products in recent years, many new flame retardant fabric products have been developed, which have replaced the traditional flame retardant fabric. It is also widely used in various fields, and closely related to people's daily life. Future flame retardant fabric

Development should move towards a function combination and more environmental protection direction.

Mosquito repellent fabric

Flame retardant fabric blending, weaving and functional diversification is becoming a new development trend, now the world is through the flame retardant fiber blended weaving to develop multi-functional flame retardant fabric. At present most of flame retardant fiber only with flame retardant function, can not meet the specific needs of certain areas, want to have oil and water repellent, flame retardant and anti-static, anti mosquito and other functions still have to rely on the fabric after finishing, all have injury on fabric strength and environmental performance. So the future development trend of flame retardant fabric is in the fiber has the function performance, combined with a variety of forms in the production process, a variety of flame retardant fiber blended to produce more complex features of the flame retardant fabric is the development trend in the future.

"Green" flame retardant fiber and flame retardant fabric are the biggest hot spots and inevitable development direction of synthetic fiber. The so-called "green" flame retardant fabric fiber production refers to the consumption of raw materials will not damage the ecological balance, the production process of the fiber in the fabric will not cause environmental pollution, wearing no poison to the human body, the waste of renewable fiber. Some developed countries, especially Europe and the United States and other developed countries, have successively formulated some environmental protection laws and regulations to carry out safety inspection for imported flame retardant fabrics, and limit the market circulation and consumption of non ecological fabrics. The European Union eco textile standard Oeko-Tex Standard 100 produced a "green wave" in international trade".

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