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Curtain material introduction
Oct 30, 2017

1, cotton linen curtain.

The curtain moisture breathable, soft, as the curtain cloth fabric, there are some dust in the air adsorption effect; the lack of flexibility and not stiff, easy to wrinkle after cleaning.

2, plastic aluminum curtains.

Blinds shading effect is good, breathable strong, but can fly effect is not greater than the gauze cloth. So the shutter is more suitable for installation in the kitchen of home, wash oil with water.

3, flannelette curtain.

Environmental protection, health, novelty, fashion, easy to wash dye and fiber chemical reaction, can penetrate into the depth of the fiber, soft feel, good sense of sag, fabric side of the deep color, strong color fastness.

4, wood curtain.

Wood woven curtain can create a feeling of recover the original simplicity into wood, fabric, bamboo fabric, reed woven, woven rattan several. Wood curtain display in the home can show style and taste, it is basically opaque, but good permeability, suitable for pure natural style of home.


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